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A great day for a January cleanup

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Saturday, January 11th, was a gorgeous day. Fifteen people came to our first cleanup of 2020. We had a fantastic time outside, met new friends, and burned quite a few calories. Many thanks to all our volunteers for their hard work: Michael Coolbough, Rich Glaser, Brian Sample, Sophia Zhang, Nasrin Dipika, Alyssa Czepiel, Malak Charaoui, Karen McCulloza, The Schwartz Family - Justine, Thomas, Kailea and William, Ed Morrissy, Jeanne Capone, and Hans Brolinson. The haul included 25 bags of trash, a car tire, a refrigerator door, a car hood, an exhaust manifold, sneakers, a backpack, cans of beer, an umbrella, garden pavers, a plastic baseball bat, and about ten bags of dog waste.

Seeing dog waste bags thrown into parks & sewer inlets is very disheartening. We love our pets, but we love our clean parks and water too! The Byberry and Poquessing creeks drain into Delaware just above the Baxter Water Treatment Plant. The water supplied by the Baxter plant is the water we get in our taps! PLEASE dispose of dog waste in the trash, not down the sewer, or thrown into our parks.

Our next cleanup will be on Saturday, February 8th, on Academy Rd across the Archbishop Ryan HS.

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